by Ravi Backerdan on October 26, 2022


What is the Average Wallpaper Removal Cost Per Room?

Ready to remove your old wallpaper? Learn the average cost professional contractors charge and transform your entire space.


Judging by recent trends, wallpaper installation is still a popular choice for a higher percentage of American space owners. As architectural innovations stretch, people are becoming attracted to minimalist modern styling for their abodes, and commercial spaces. And wallpaper makes a perfect getaway. 


Homeowners are inclined towards trying new bold patterns and incorporate vibrant colors and express their unique taste. Thus, hopping on the trend, we suggest it’s time for you to read our old wallpaper removal blog and try some new engaging patterns. 


But before we do that, let us see the average cost charged for wallpaper removal per room

What is the average Wallpaper removal Cost?

MGP has been in the business for decades and we have painted thousands of homes. Truth is that wallpaper removal companies vary with respect to charges they ask for offering you wallpaper removal service. Its big variations and the reason why there are so many many variables involved. But we will tell you roughly that the cost of wallpaper removal is roughly $3 $3 to $5 dollars per square foot per room. 


And the typical home in the United States is about 12 by 15 or 15 by 15 square feet give or take. So, do the math, and it’s roughly about $500 to $800 and $900 on the higher end for the wallpaper removal. 


The amount charge usually includes removal, plastering, clean-up, and priming.  


There are minimums. MGP’s minimum estimate falls around $1200 to $1500 per room for taking down the wallpaper because of the setup and planning involved. 


But it’s a much cheaper unit to get more rooms done. In our opinion, you should try to hire professional help to get at least two to three rooms minimum for a worthwhile cost spent. 


Why do Wallpaper Removal Costs Have Discrepancies? 

The price variance is very important. And a lot of homeowners ask MGP, why are there such big price discrepancies in the wallpaper removal cost charged by the professional wallpaper removal companies

There are many factors that work when considering removing torn or old wallpaper:


  • Wall type: The price depends on whether the wallpaper stripping service is dealing with drywall or plaster walls. Drywall is much cheaper because it is a lot easier to work with. While plaster walls involve a lot more preparation. 


  • Wallpaper age: Another important factor that affects the wallpaper removal cost is how long the wallpaper has been on the wall. For example, if the wallpaper has been on the wall for 30-50+ years, it’s going to be a lot harder to remove. Again it’s going to need a lot more prep stages. 


  • The flexibility of Deadline of times: Most painters require at least two weeks or three to complete the task but if yours is a rushed task and you need the job done within a week requiring work at nights and weekends, it’s going to be more expensive. 


  • Height of the walls: The height of the walls and ceilings also affect the wallpaper removal cost. A typical wall height is around 8-9 feet. Rooms with higher ceilings are expensive because there are more sq ft, which requires a lot more labor vs something on the main level. 

Can You Remove Wallpaper Yourself?

Can You Remove Wallpaper Yourself

Well! What goes up, comes down. In this case, wallpapers. Typically, the answer to whether you can remove wallpaper yourself is: Yes! You can remove wallpaper yourself but it’s not recommended if the wallpaper is old. Why? Because if the wallpaper is old, then there are higher chances that it may already have damaged the wall surfaces. 


All that stickiness of the adhesive doesn’t go away with removing wallpapers. In addition, your friends might have suggested you mix hot water and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap in a bucket and rub it all over the wall. Guess what? 


Commercial wallpaper glues are much stronger and complex to peel. Because these adhesives generally contain chemicals cooked at high temperatures to mix a wide range of additives to produce the final product. 


Thus, whether you’ll be repainting your wall or applying new wallpaper, it is best to get an expert to have a look before beginning the old wallpaper removal procedure yourself. 


To avoid all this trouble, it is best to hire a professional wallpaper removal company to get you the best of the job. 


In addition to this, wallpaper removal services include guiding you to prepare your rooms to make the job easier. For instance, identifying wallpaper type, a little prep work (including covering the floor, furniture, etc.), using the wallpaper stripper chemical, and cleaning the surface. 

Hiring the wallpaper removal contractors becomes essential when your wallpaper is older than 5 years or more as there are chances that the wall adhesive may have already damaged the wall’s surface.

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