by Ravi Backerdan on April 24, 2022

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Need a Power-Washing or a Pressure-Washing?

When planning to clean your walls or exteriors, you often come across two important tasks:

These basically serve the same purpose - they both make use of water under high pressure to get rid of dirt from hard surfaces.

However, there are certain differences in both these techniques, and knowing the difference will help you decide what you need.


One primary difference is that a power-washer utilizes heated water to clean, whereas as pressure washer does not.

A power-washer combines high-pressure with hot water to make sure that all the dirt is blasted away from the exterior of your house. Everything from salt residue, to mold, to chewing gum that is stuck on your driveway can be power-washed with ease. Also, when it comes to dealing with grease stains of garage floors, Power-washing is especially preferred.

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Essentially, if you are looking for more of a heavy-duty cleaning option for the exterior of your home, power-washing is what you are looking for!

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Pressure-washing is power-washing without the hot water element to it. Pressure-washing machines uses room temperature water at high pressures to clean. While this technique would be equally effective to deal with dirt in general, it will not kill molds, moss, or other tougher stains.

When deciding, you will also have to consider the kind of surface that you desire to be cleaned. For example, regular household walls need a less harsh treatment of pressure washing (deck, patio, etc.). For commercial spaces, or a residential driveway, power-washing might prove to be a better choice. Hard surfaces get cleaned quickly by power-washing, whereas delicate ones might get damaged with hot pressurized water.

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