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How Long Does a Paint Job Last?

Adding a new layer of fresh paint is the quickest way to improve your home’s value and give a transformational update to your space’s look. But when you have so many colors and textures available, the possibilities of finding your ideal option are endless. To top that, it becomes challenging to understand each paint’s features to ensure which could be the best pick.


As a result, you might as well consider trying a variety of colors and designs just to test the look.


But while you may be excited about the paints you are choosing, you should also consider the longevity of the paint to avoid disappointment after installation. This is also a reason why many individuals prefer hiring professional interior painting contractors.


Thus, if you are wondering how long a paint job lasts, we will discuss just that.


How To Know If a Paint is Going To Last Longer?


Understanding what to expect from the paint you chose for your house should be your concern because interior paints impact your health deeply. Realizing what's in store can assist you in preparing in advance how and when you can change each room during your home makeover.


Now, let us take into account various factors that come into play in identifying how long a paint job lasts?


1. PAINT QUALITY: And Why Does it Matter


The nature of paint you pick is unquestionably a factor in deciding how long the paint will last and keep up with its unique look. Top-notch paints have better binding quality. But what does better quality mean, and why does it matter?


Painting for homeowners is not simply an investment of money but an investment of labor and time. If you are a homeowner, your contractors must have told you to spend a little extra to get good-quality paints.


A high-quality paint includes all the essential ingredients that allow the paint to last longer, look good and stay better.


According to Sherwin-Williams, a quality paint depend on the following factors:


  • Pigment 
  • Binders 
  • Liquids 
  • Additives used 


The kind and measure of binders you utilize affect the quality of paint. For example, Quality latex paints with 100% acrylic binders offer long-lasting adhesion.


Such paints offer durability and better endurance. In addition, a brand manufactured quality paints contain additives giving the paint advantageous properties. These substances make it easier to apply the paint.


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While considering the life span of paint in a specific room or space of your home, a few tones endure better for the long haul than other paints. Different shades of whites, greys, blues and greens hold up genuinely well after some time because of their capacity to command different stylistic layouts.


So even though the furnishings and curtains might change throughout the long term, the room's shade can continue as before, thanks to those paint's adaptability.


Bright, splendid, and energetic tones can lose their grandness when incorrect color contrasts are chosen to create a stylistic theme. Along these lines, it's ideal for picking a paint color that can persevere longer before your next transformation.




The location of the space or walls to be painted matters additionally. For example, how much rainfall your geographical location receives. In addition, the specific areas of the house matter as well.


    For example, which wall you want to get painted. The Kitchen’s, Bathroom or Living rooms.


  1. Kitchen: The kitchen is quite possibly the most used room in your home. It's the one spot where everybody appears together. Furthermore, contingent upon the size of your family and how frequently you cook dinners, the kitchen will encounter a lot of wear and tear.


    The heat from cooking dinners, lunch, and breakfast can accumulate on the cupboards and doors that are continually being contacted. Smoke and vapor from cooking, at last, gets collected.


    By and large, it is hard to get an idea of how much painting a kitchen will cost. If it is good to paint, you can expect it to stay put for around ten years. After this, your pigment may showcase signs of tethering. When this occurs, the time has come to spruce things up with another layer of paint.


  3. Washroom: The washroom is another area that can be unbelievably hard to paint. The steam from continued showering ultimately separates paint polymers and removes binders on the material. As a result, the paint starts to thin, and the shading that once looked new turns out to be considerably quieter and more blunt.


    Most restroom paint will commonly last somewhere in the range of 3 and 4 years. For a restroom that doesn't get as much use—like a visitor washroom—the duration may increase to 4 to 6 years. As a rule, the more frequently a bathroom is utilized, the more limited the paint's life expectancy.


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  5. Bedroom Walls: Room walls are generally the space that needs less paint than other walls of the house or exterior paints. While they are utilized somewhere around 8 hours every day, bedroom walls do not experience everyday activities and hustle like a kitchen, living room, or bathroom.


    So a bedroom paint can commonly last longer before it needs another layer of paint. You can abandon applying another layer of paint to your room each 10-12 years.


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Regardless of whether it's a kitchen, washroom, bedroom, or other room in your home, a new layer of paint can genuinely change a room, change the energy and carry another point to your living space.


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