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Masking Tape: Painting Techniques for a Flawless Paint Job

An important thing working towards achieving a perfect interior painting design involves giving every nook and corner of the intended surface a clean and precise finish. Deciding to use it bare hand or using a spray paint brush can ruin the entire paint job. 


This is exactly why professional painters began using masking tapes to complete a paint work. In addition, you need to have the right tape to make it happen. Some people often get confused between masking tape vs painters tape


What is Masking Tape ? 

Masking Tape is a common tape taken in use to apply paint. Otherwise called painter's tape, it contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a simple to-tear backing material, normally a dainty paper. 


It is accessible in a wide range of collections, including numerous widths and tones, to suit a wide scope of employment and application needs. Masking tape is basically utilized when a painter wants to draw straight lines and secure regions which ought not be painted.


Pre-painting Tips Img


But if you have no clue about how to appropriately apply and eliminate the tape, and you think things might go south pretty quickly. Don’t worry, MGP painting is here to give you masking tape tips to make your paint job easier. 


Masking Tape Painting Techniques  


Here are some of our tried and tested easy masking tape painting design techniques that will help you get a flawless paint job, quickly and with no mess: 


  1. Start with a spotless surface. Clean the surface for dust and dirt before applying masking tape for painting. Ensuring a residue and soil free edge will help the adhesive to have a better grip so that liquid paint doesn’t slip under the tape. A perfect adhesion means crisp edges. 
  2. When you install your painting masking tape, use short strips first. They are simpler to apply and don't get tangled. 
  3. After applying the masking tape, make sure to seal the edges by running your fingers back and forth with proper weight. 
  4. When to remove masking tape after painting?: you can remove the masking tape once the paint is dry. For easy removal after the paint job, overlap the end of the strips’ edge. And when you want to remove the masking tape, slowly pull it. While removing the taep, begin pulling from the opposite side of where you applied it. 
  5. Finishing up: If you feel that your masking tape didn’t stick too well, you can finish the last touches with a saller paint brush and correct the errors.  
  6. How to remove the masking tape after painting? Once the paint is dry, pull the tape gradually at an angle of 45 degree point to avoid spilling. 


Answering some FAQs 


Q. What Is The Best Masking Tape for Painting?


Buying the best type of masking type for  interior painting will depend on a few factors, as well as your intended surface environment. But it is necessary to consider the size and adhesion quality of the masking tape in order to decide if it's best or not? 


Q. Can Masking Tape be Used for Spray Painting?


Yes, masking tape can be used when spray painting but the amount will depend on the type of paint intended for spray. Whether you are using spray paint on smaller areas or large areas? 


Q. How Do You Use Masking Tape Without Removing Paint?


To avoid pulling off the paint, the best method is to lift the masking tape gradually from the wall. Keep your fingers against the wall, press the tape, and draw out the tape slowly. Once you have the tape off the wall, the final step is to remove any adhesive residue. 


Q. Can Normal Tape Be Used Instead of Masking Tape?


All painter’s tapes are masking tapes but not all masking tapes are painter’s tapes. Professional interior painters use a specific made tape keeping painting purpose in mind. While a general masking tape may not be waterproof and suitable for DIY ideas or smaller projects, masking tapes are built for precision.  


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