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How Long After Washing Walls Can You Paint?

How Long After Washing Walls Can You Paint?

Well! At MGP, we like to equate walls with the surface of our skin. There are always minor imperfections that need care, and a little extra attention can help elongate the life of walls. However, just like beginning your beauty regime, you need proper prepping; walls need proper preparations before fixing them. And the first step is washing the walls for any dust particles and unwanted irritants.

A significant query that we often get asked a lot is related to How long after washing walls can you paint?

In our years of dedicated experience, we know that the standard duration to paint walls after washing them is 24 hrs. The time may be extended if the climate is not favorable, including room temperature, dampness, and so forth.

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How does the environment affect drying walls?

A significant point of reference when considering painting the walls after washing them is to check the climate of your room. Environment plays a vital role in ensuring paint lasts longer than expected. Therefore, the time you need to give your walls for drying can shift based on climatic conditions. It incorporates two significant parts.

  • Weather: The rate of wall drying additionally depends on the temperature of your country. Paints in summers usually dry rapidly. The warmth dissipates the wetness of walls faster, and the airflow accelerates the drying rate.

  • Location: The rate of wall drying also depends on the location of your house. Paints typically take less duration to dry if the home is located in an open space. Meaning it's not surrounded by huge buildings that may prohibit sun exposure.

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Let us look at some other factors you must consider before painting the wall if you have already washed them.

  • A leak in the room: If you are shifting to a new house, check all the water inlets and outlets. Missing any leaking pipe can severely affect the rate your walls dry. The consistent dampness can soon begin to make it hard for paint to stay in place. Result? Cracked paint.

  • Untreated wells: There may be a portion in the house saved as an underground water reservoir for future purposes. As a result, the water humidity keeps on building into the entire space. Therefore, have the wells or reservoirs sealed for good (if not wanted) or covered before beginning paints.

That’s that. Now let us see some effective methods to Make Your Walls Dry after a wash! A Simple Tip!

Tips to let walls dry after wash for paint

Make space for airflow: It's not like you haven't thought about it. But we are just reminding you in case you get too busy. To speed up drying, open windows and entryways of your space for ventilation. Remove any obstacles like huge closets, furniture etc.

Set up adjustable fans: You can set a few fans in your room after washing the walls. With fans and open windows, you can quickly expect up to 24 hours after washing the walls till you can paint. Suppose, if you have an incredibly moist condition in your room and your walls are still not dry even after a day, put some substantial fan to speed up the process.

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What to do if you have an incredibly Humid Room Condition?

If your room's mugginess is significantly more than ordinary, you can install dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier helps eliminate all the dampness away from your room. Thus, when you start working on the walls that are still wet.

Although different dehumidifier manuals give different time lengths for eliminating dampness, a standard compressor dehumidifier takes only an hour to dry the wall after washing and is ready for paint.

How can a dehumidifier be set?

Step 1- Close the entryways and windows, so the dampness doesn't escape anyplace.

Step 2- If the room is huge, keep the focal point of the dehumidifier on the troubled area and switch it on.

What if I don’t have extreme mositness?

Well, You are lucky!

If there is minimum moistness, you can expect 50-60% of mugginess to go away in 6-7 hours. Just let the washed walls receive suitable airflow.

We recommend you pause and let the walls completely dry in their particular manner with the generally accessible aiding helps (entryways, windows, Ac, and so forth). You can always have dehumidifiers, but don't stress over it if you don’t need it.

What's more, assuming there's a moistness rate over 85%, you ought to give at least 48 hours for walls to dry before you can paint.

What Will Happen If You Start Painting On The Walls Without Fully Drying Them?

When you begin painting before the walls have dried, your walls won’t support paint to stay for longer. The result will be a lopsided, unsaturated, and sketchy look on the walls. Also, the paint may strip off.

Remember, all your cleaning and washing of the walls will be a waste if you don’t give accurate time hours to dry. We have given you above an available time that is usually required for paint after washing the walls. Now several factors need consideration. And we have also indicated some tips for you to speed up the process. But if there is anything else that you have tried when painting the walls after a quick wash, you mention it in the comments below to help other house owners.

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