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6 Time Saving Tips For Easy Foil Wallpaper Installation

Foil wallpapers are probably the most dramatic and exciting range of wallpaper options out there. Made from thin metallic foils, this wall-covering adds a textured finish to walls. The surface is often pigmented with variants of dyes to give effects similar to natural marble. And sometimes, the design is printed onto the foil to provide a repeated pattern. 


The very nature of these kinds of wallpapers makes them somewhat challenging to hang successfully. The wallpaper is extremely thin, tears easily, and highly reflects the surface magnifying even the most minor defects underneath the walls. 


In this blog, MGP Painting brings you time-saving tips for easy foil wallpaper installation for smoother surfaces, just like pros. 


#1 Preparing the Wall

Preparing the Wall

For any metallic wallcovering, make sure the wall is dry, smooth, and clean. It is also important to note that the wall is slightly absorbent and PH neutral. If you don’t know that, you can hire professional wallpaper installers to help you find that out. 


*Note- Once you have received the wallpaper material, do the following:

  • Check the batch number and reference number of the wallpaper. 
  • Read the provided hanging instructions.
  • Check the foil wallpaper’s condition.


#2 Measuring the Wall 

Measuring the Wall

Start from the corner. Draw a perpendicular line on the wall tracing where the side edge of the first roll will be. Take a ruler and measure the height and width of the wall. Cut the required wallpaper rolls and add extra 10 inches. Mark the end of the top of each roller on the backside to ensure all the wallpaper rolls face the same direction.  


#3 Moistening the Wallpaper

Moistening the Wallpaper

Moisten the back of the wallpaper evenly with a sponge but don’t completely soak it wet, or you will risk tearing the foil wallpaper. For the same reason, most homeowners find it ideal to hire professional teams of wallpaper installation services because they know the ins and outs.  


At this point, you will notice that water droplets might form on the backing of the wallpaper. Rub the water thoroughly into the surface. 


Now fold both ends of the wallpapers ensuring there are no wrinkles because foil wrinkles cannot be removed later. Let the wallpaper soak the water for about 10 minutes. 


#4 Applying the Adhesive

Applying the Adhesive

Take a low-water adhesive or a high-quality dispersion adhesive. Stir the glue and pour it into a bucket. Use a short-haired microfibre roller to place the glue on the wallpaper in sections along with skirting boards. Be generous. 


*Note- It is essential to make sure that the adhesive is applied evenly and is not too thick, as this prevents the release of the glue or becoming visible from the bottom of the wallpaper. 

#5 Applying the Wallpaper

Applying the Wallpaper

Unfold the wallpaper roll with the back outside and the marking at the top. Place the wallpaper carefully against the measurements marked on the walls leaving a few centimeters at the top and the bottom. Press the wallpapers gently using the rubber roller. Work from the middle and work your way to the sides. 



  • Avoid adhesive stains on the front. 
  • Avoid using a spatula as it can cause scratches on the foil. 
  • Foil wallpapers can conduct electricity. Be careful when using it in damp rooms.  
  • Make sure to switch off any electrical supply during foil wallpaper installation.


#6 Cut the Excess Edges of Wallpaper 

Applying the Wallpaper

Cut off the excess using a sharp snap-off knife. You may use a new snap-off knife for each roller. Clean the ceiling for any residue—dab off any excessive adhesive. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Foil Stop Damp? 

Foil wallpapers cannot stop damp, but they can certainly prevent them. A leading wallpaper manufacturing unit recently launched sticky proof foil lining papers. Such wallpapers are specifically designed to provide an effective barrier against humid walls and the associated problems like mold and mildew.


Q. Which is the Best Suitable Space for Foil Wallpaper Installation?

Since foil wallpapers provide an excellent resilience towards damp walls, they are best suited for walls that receive more condensation like bathrooms, kitchen areas, laundry rooms, shower rooms, ensuites. 


Q. Is Foil Wallpaper Easy to Hang? 

Foil wallpapers are easy to hang if you hire a professional paint and wallpaper contractor near you. Experts wallpaper installers are equipped with accurate tools and equipment to make the process easier. And the results are far better than any DIY approach or ‘do-it-myself’ approach.

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Q. Can You Use Aluminum Foil as a Wallpaper?

Technically, the aluminum foil would not be counted as wallpaper as it lacks wallpapers' strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are not ideal for a room's complete, enigmatic, and futuristic look. 


Q. How Do I Know Which Wallpaper Installation Service is Good?

It all depends on the experience and quality that a wallpaper installation service can bring to the table and help you know if they are any good. If you believe the top reviews, MGP Painting is a recommended name in wallpaper installation. But don’t just take our word for it. Click here to know what our valued customers have to say.

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