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Benefits of Deck Paint

The Benefits of Deck Paint and How to Increase the Longevity of Your Deck?

In architecture, a deck is a flat surface made of wood. It is usually constructed outside the house to support the weight of the wood framework. The structural elements resemble the deck of a ship. Having a deck as part of your home allows a way to spend more time outdoors.

In addition, you can spend quality time entertaining your guests, serve barbeques, and even organize a family get together. But unfortunately, many homeowners neglect painting a deck as closely as they do to the interior features within the house.

Since decks endure much more harsher weather torture and bear the heat, their longetivity tend to decrease resuting in costly re-structuring. Thus, it is often advised to paint the deck for the proper maintenance.

Making your deck last longer and look great is often as simple as applying high-quality deck paint. Today, this blog will explore the benefits of deck paint and how to increase the longevity of your deck?

Picking the Best paint for decks

The market is full of various options from high-quality to low-quality depending on your personal budgets. But as a homeowner, it is beneficial to go for high-quality paints compared to low-quality paints. A great standard paint by professional deck painting services will provide maximum coverage with less application and stay longer. Here is a list of Best Deck Paints of 2021.

  • 1. KILZ Interior and Exterior Latex Floor Paint - Available in two colors, the latest edition of Kilz latex deck paint will add a colorful crack- and mildew-resistant finish will cover the exposed porches and patios flawlessly. The one-gallon can is said to cover between 300–400 square feet of surface. It takes 1 hour to dry and is ready for another coating giving you a complete look in 4 hours.

  • 2. INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint- The INSL-X’s anti-slip outdoor paint is designed for homes that receive heavy rainfall. The paint comes in seven colorful variations and is formulated with color-retaining and abrasion-resistant qualities. The multi-purpose paint is compatible with wood surfaces to protect all your outdoor deck space.

  • 3. Rust-Oleum RockSolid Deck Resurfacer - The paint is designed to restore and update weathered wood. It makes a great option for restoring the deck's original look. The paint’s thickness works over smooth cracks, scratches, and other surface defects to deliver a textured finish to your deck.

Another benefit of deck paint is that the paint increases the health of the wood. The weather-resistant exterior paints contain oil and acrylic that do not let moisture trap in wood. hat can withstand the elements of nature. For a deck, you need rain-resistant deck paint that is

Every paint service is not same

You know, a deck is a significant investment in your house. It's not everyday you want to paint your home deck. Thus, it’s important to understand Why yearly deck maintenance is important? When you take good care of your house and hire the best exterior painter services, your deck can bear the water damage, sun damage, and splintering effectively.

MGP painting brings you high-quality deck paint services to help you protect your hard-earned investments.

We often recommend deck paint with a natural finish and an acrylic-base because it requires less maintenance than oil-based paint and has a UV-resistant film. Also, acrylic paints are resistant to mildew, while acrylic latex resin paints expand and contract with the varying temperatures.

Prep the Deck before painting

Prepping the deck before applying the paint requires gathering the necessary tools first. The painters assess the condition of the deck and implement the correct approach upon deck’s evaluation. Here are some other surprising benefits of hiring a professional exterior painting service.

The first step includes sanding the entire surface which if taken individually can consume days. Professional craftsmen use electric sander to even the place and strip away tarnished paints before applying paint.

MGP’s Professional Help for Deck Painting Services

At MGP Painting, we encourage you to try our services for a longer lasting deck maintenance or even anything else inside your home for your home. We offer guaranteed professional look and have the job done quickly and 100 percent right the first time, consider working with us for your deck painting project.

MGP's team of professionals guarantees you quality and expertise - they are just a call away! Schedule a FREE estimate today! Call 845.290.5284 or click here.

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