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Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting

Painting an entire house can hit you hard on your pockets. Especially when the industry launches hundreds of costly variants in the name of chemical-free, environment safe, and pollution-free wall paints. Thus, cleaning the walls before painting is a crucial step not to bypass to simply avoid expensive re-paints now and then. So, if you are amongst the ones looking for the best way to clean walls before painting, we are here to share some tips, our MGP painting service company experts feel the “I can do it myself” individuals must adhere to.

Essentially, many of the things we do ourselves, to enhance the look of our homes have unintended consequences. It may result in less durable and extremely unhealthy walls. Professional services ensure that exterior wall surfaces are durable as they are prone to experience more harsh and rigorous conditions. According to (Armstrong 2018)-“Climate change is considered as one of the biggest challenges.” Thus, regular cleaning is beneficial to maintain the longevity of the exterior surface.

Challenges Faced By Professional Painting Companies:

“The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 have changed substantially in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for wall systems to comply without including continuous exterior insulation.” Thus, paint service companies face challenges to manage costs and risks with these new exterior wall assembly codes. They often have to come up with easy on-pocket solutions while maintaining the lasting impact of paints.

Can I Avoid Cleaning The Walls Before Painting:

We will suggest not to avoid cleaning the walls. Experts say that- “Washing your walls and trim will remove grime, cobwebs, dust, and stains that can prevent your paint from adhering. Use a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap, gently rubbing in a circular motion. Rinse your walls using a slightly damp cellulose sponge.”

However, there are a few conditions in which you can avoid cleaning walls. The requirements must meet the following criteria:

  • Dust-free walls- Excessively dirty walls won’t support paint adhesion
  • Crayon/grease stain-free- Untreated greased walls for a long time begin to accumulate thick layers of dirt and elongate the troubles in wall cleaning. So make sure the walls are grease-free.
  • Good-quality paints- If the previous paint applied by the owners is of good quality, troubles in cleaning the walls might be fewer. In that case, cleaning can be avoided.

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Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting

Once you have decided on the area that needs paint, your next genuine step must be related to cleaning. Cleaning might seem to be a huge task, and individuals often feel the need to call in Commercial Painting Contractor Services in case your entire building needs cleaning. But before letting the professionals walk into your doors, you should have a telephonic meeting to ask for the cleaning service prices to avoid paying hidden charges.

1 Identifying Surface- To get started with the best way to clean walls before painting, identify the paint first. If the paint is waterproof, it will be easier to clean the surface. However, if the wall surface is porous, then you might need to scrub the area. A professional paint service can easily recognize the surface requiring cleaning in the process immediately using correct measures.

2 Give It A Good Basic Scrub Rinse- On numerous occasions, warm water and a wipe are all you need to clean the pre-painted wall. However, there are surface areas that cannot be cleaned using just damp cloth. For cleaning tough stains, add an oil slicing cleanser to the water to eliminate scrapes and spreads. Wipe clean with a soggy towel subsequently and permit it to dry before painting.

This ease of cleaning functions admirably for adding a new coat to an all-around painted space. It is advisable to call professionals to do the job, however, in case you pick up the task by yourself read this blog Paint Your Home Like A Pro With These Painting Rules to help you through your way.

3 Cleaning The Molds- Professionals help you get rid of the tough molds by applying chemicals. The basic procedure to apply antimicrobial chemicals to clean the remaining mold and stains isolating the contaminated area. The next step is to use a sealer or encapsulant to treat water-damage-resistant areas to control odor.

4 A Chemical Cleaning For Treating Yellow Stains- Chemical cleaning can help you get rid of tough stains like- Food stains, Dirt and Mud, Tomato Juice, Soda, Kool-Aid, Grass, Wine, and Coffee. The professional teams are equipped with state-of-the-art products to clean these stains. A common cleaner like Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) can also be used to clean stains profoundly. TSP is efficient in eliminating stains like- grime, sediments, and scrapes.

5 Sanding Rust Off The Metal For Smooth Finish- In case your wall has metal windows or decorative items made up of metals and have begun to display signs of rusting. Professional painters ensure to smoothen the surface by sanding it first. Dealing with a more established rust surface can be unpleasant. A good company team will use fine-grain sandpaper and a sanding square to streamline any knocks or anomalies and wipe dust clean with a cloth.

6 Outside Preparation- While painting the exteriors of your home, the surfaces can be cleaned in two ways. Power Washing and Pressure Washing. MGP Power Washing is the most essential and cost-effective to remove molds, loose paints, dust, grime, allergens, mud from object surfaces such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces without compromising on your health.

While most people believe that both the techniques are the same, there is a difference between power washing and pressure washing. Power-washing is best for heavy-duty exterior cleaning. And pressure washing combines using room-temperature water to clean surfaces. To know the difference read our blog- Do You Need Power Washing Or Pressure Washing? The above were some of the Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting, we hope that they will be beneficial for you.

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