by Ravi Backerdan on April 14, 2022

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How Often Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House

We highly doubt that this won’t sound anything less than a commercial running on your television screens when we say- “a house looks complete with a fresh coat of paint or no matter how much money you have invested in interior designing if you haven’t gotten those exterior walls painted right! You may have just wasted your hard-earn money.”

Well! Trust us and we say that from experience, getting the exterior of your house painted is as important as the interior of the house.

Fine! We will give it to you. We do sound like the commercial. But hey! You will love us when our experts will give you their pro tips which none of those advertisements even bother to mention.

And answering your question- How often should you paint the exterior of your house? We could give you a twisted answer. But truly, there is no ideal time as such, when it comes to getting your house’s exterior painted. It is more like identifying or recognizing the signals when your house exterior needs a quick touch-up or complete repaint. We will break down these factors as we move further and share what MGP experts say.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Paint Exterior Of Your Home?

Just like a car, after much use, begins to indicate signals of maintenance, there are a couple of clear signs to look out for, such as breaking and chipping paint, to give you an idea that your house needs paint. Additionally, there are other subtle things that can cause issues as well. For example- paint patches beginning to flake off, clumping, etc.

5 Reasons Why Exterior Walls Need A Repaint So Soon:

Ordinary individuals do not even bother asking their service providers- How Often Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House. And as a result, they wonder and make their own assumptions.

  • Blistering- The forming of bubbles in the underlying surface of your wall paint is called blistering. These can be caused by moisture/ humidity/ insufficient surface preparation such as applying paint to a damp surface or re-coating too quickly.
  • Chalking- The loosely-based powder coming off from painted walls is called chalking. It can be caused due to the application of low-quality paints with high levels of pigment extenders.
  • Cracking- Cracking or commonly known as flake-off is the splitting of dry paint film through at least one coat. The reason for cracking can be the application of another coat over a partially wet coat. Flake-off can appear due to insufficient surface prep, and later cause walls to crack.
  • Mold- The black, grey, brown, and green spots growing on the surface are molds that begin to form on house exterior walls that grow in areas with high moisture, improper ventilation, and lack of sunlight.
  • Peeling- The most common problem noticed in exterior house walls is peeling. This can be caused by loss of adhesion between a coating, and a substrate or high moisture applied paint directly to a dirty or dusty wall.

If the damage is extensive, you can rest assured that it is the right time to get house exterior painted. Read our blog When It Is Time To Paint to find out other signs to give you an idea of how often you should paint the exterior of your house.

What Do MGP House Painting Company Experts Say?

MGP specialists say that an ideal time to get house exterior walls painted is every five to ten years, contingent upon elements, for example, location, climate conditions, etc Likewise, each surface is somewhat unique. For instance:

  • Brick - Brick Association Industry ally Crocker says- “most bricks were never intended to be painted….Long-term, maintenance-free painted brick requires careful planning, if you paint your exterior brick, you should repaint it every 3-5 five years.
  • Wood- The hygroscopic condition allows the wood to pick up moisture quickly. Moisture can stay in wood if it is exposed to humid conditions consistently, and thus allowing only 3-4 years to wood sustainability.
  • Stucco -Stucco is a type of exterior plaster made of a binder, and a water material, used for decorative coating walls. The material is brittle in nature, and easily cracks in high-in-clay soil regions, and even causes the building foundation to shift. It typically lasts 5-6 years.
  • Aluminum Siding - While aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, they begin to easily warp at high temperatures. Since they have lower fatigue than steel, aluminum siding begins to weaken, with the repeated process, in about 5 years.

Factors That Affect The Durability Of An Exterior Paint Job

There are a couple of variables that can influence how long your paint will last. The greatest three are Climate conditions, Exterior wall paint maintenance frequency, and the length of the last paint done. New paint by exterior house painting service can improve the value of your house. To know how a quick paint can improve the value of your house read the blog- How Painting Can Improve The Value Of Your House. For now, let us see, and investigate how every one of these assumes a part in how regularly you need to repaint.

1 Paint Service Provider Skills Believe us, it is much much easier to identify the painter’s skills, even if you are a keen observer or not. A professional paint service expert begins by talking you through the significant issues and suggests tips that do not throw you in a fix, while an unskilled paint guy would fail to offer any idea regarding the problems you are facing.

2 Elongation Properties Most of the exterior house painting degradation happens due to internal stress. Different types of coatings affect the strength and flexibility of the paint. For example- high-strength coatings tend to be less flexible and are best suitable for epoxy, polysiloxane, and acrylic coatings. Therefore, considering the elongation properties of paints becomes vital.

3 Waterproof Paints- Exterior wall paints are prone to dust, bacteria, dirt, molds, and water accumulation in seasons. Applying an extra coat of waterproof paint can better protect exterior walls from water penetration and reduce stains. The waterproof paint must provide strong bonding to the substrate.

Why Hire MGP To Paint The Exterior Of Your House?

The market size of Paint manufacturing in the United States is $25bn. And MGP Painting experts continue to develop high-end services insisting upon durability, and less environmental impacts. Exterior painting is a pretty big job, so it’s always a good idea to hire professional painters like MGP. It would be the best way to ensure that you receive an unmatchable quality paint job that will last for years as we will also lend you advice on how often you should paint the exterior of your house.

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