by Ravi Backerdan on May 16, 2022

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What is the best way to remove existing finishes from wooden decking?

One of the worst possible things about wanting to stroll on your old wooden deck is suffering the unbearable pain of a few splinters sticking in your foot or even injuring your child’s foot.

It's understood for obvious reasons that exterior wooden deck coatings begin to wear out much faster than interior wooden furniture finishes.

They consistently withhold the harsh weather conditions, collect incessant moisture in rainy seasons, and bear heat in extreme temperature conditions.

And that’s why you need professionals who know how to do their job well!

Why do individuals back out from hiring professional services?

While one feels the temptation to hire professional menders every once in a while, the cost of deck repair might lead you to take a step back. Read our blog Why yearly deck maintenance is important?

But not anymore! If you are wondering what is the best way to remove existing finishes from wooden decking, we are discussing some pocket-friendly pro-tips for you right now!

Why hiring professionals is the best way to remove existing finishes from wooden decking?

Removing tough existing finishes off the wooden deck is a task that involves working with harmful chemicals which is why it is best to hire professional services. The expert employees are equipped with protective measures and get sufficient training to prolong any mishappenings.

Besides, if you take up the task yourself, you can never be sure of the safety measures when you have toddlers at home running around the deck.

What is the best way to remove existing finishes from wooden decking?

Using a stain stripper is the best way of removing existing finish from wooden decking.

But it's important to implement the best approach to save your muscle.

How to use Stain Stripper to remove existing finishes from wooden decking?

Stain stripper removes oil, latex, solid and semi-transparent paints, varnishes, polyurethane, and water marks. It also cleans greying, mould, mildew from surfaces, etc. Using a stain stripper is the best way to eliminate existing finish quickly and efficiently.

To remove the existing finish from wooden decking, use the following steps:-

  • Step-1- Remove all furniture from the deck. Cover any delicate vegetarian, if any.
  • Step-2- Remove dirt and debris with a push brow.
  • Step-3- Make sure the wood surface is dry.
  • Step-4- Apply stain stripper on the wood deck on the area that needs to be cleaned
  • Step-5- Wait 5- 45 minutes for the stain stripper to dissolve the coating.
  • Step-6- Rinse off with water or scrub the surface as required.
  • Step-7- Work in the direction of the wood grain to minimize grain raising.
  • Step-8- Get the deck rinsed using power washing services or water hose at a setting of 500-1200 psi
  • Step-9- Hold the pipe tip 6-12 inches away from the surface to avoid gouging.
  • Step-10- Allow to dry and begin sanding.
  • Step-11- Remove loose coatings using a light scraper.

How to use bleach to remove existing finish from wooden decking?

The key to a long lasting clean wooden deck is proper preparation. Choose a day when the sun isn’t high so that the coating doesn’t dry during application. Then cover the areas you want to protect. You may also wet the surrounding areas.

To remove the existing finish from wooden decking, use the following steps:-

  • Step-1- sweep the surface clean
  • Step-2- Take wood finish remover and stir it well
  • Step-3- If there is mildew on the surface, add ¼ bleach per gallon of wood finish remover
  • Step-4- Apply the solution evenly on the surface
  • Step-5- Let the solution stay on the surface for 20-30 minutes. Don’t let it dry.
  • Step-6- When the finish starts to lift from the surface, start scrubbing using a soft synthetic scrub brush.
  • Step-7- Rinse using the highest pressure hose or pressure washer.
  • Step-8- In case, stains persist, repeat the application.
  • Step-9- If the wood is cedar, or redwood, use a coat of brightener (With other wood, you can skip this step)

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It’s important to know how to remove existing finishes from wooden decking because outdoor stains look horribly. A yearly maintenance can save you the unnecessary troubles. Multiple factors contribute to wooden deck’s perishing. From unpredictable weather conditions to monsoon combined with extreme heat conditions can wither the wood state.

The best way to treat or remove existing finish from wooden decking is using a stain stripper. Proper stain stripping can save a lot of damage and brighten up your decks.

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